Hard Decision 2016

Presidential Election 2016

As the 2016 presidential election season comes to a close; and after being bombed by the negatives on both candidates, you may feel a little reluctant to even show up to vote this year. However, I believe that Trump or Clinton can impact the direction of our country in different ways. I have created my personal list of pros and cons for these candidates; and it probably looks nothing like what you have seen or read in the news. Continue Reading →

I’m in the MIDDLE and NOT Represented :(

Photo by Richard Clark

As we march toward another election in 2016, us moderates are once again left in the dust of two wacky parties. At what point will moderate Americans get represented in the halls of congress or the oval office? It is quite tiring to watch your country go down the political partisan tubes with only 10% of the electorate dictating wacky government policy. It seems like something needs to change. Continue Reading →