I’m in the MIDDLE and NOT Represented :(

Photo by Richard Clark

As we march toward another election in 2016, us moderates are once again left in the dust of two wacky parties. At what point will moderate Americans get represented in the halls of congress or the oval office? It is quite tiring to watch your country go down the political partisan tubes with only 10% of the electorate dictating wacky government policy. It seems like something needs to change. Continue Reading →

HOW Can We Improve our Nation’s Economy?

Photo by Government of Alberta

When most people think of the economy, they think of their personal financial opportunities. Depending on who you are, you may be interested in different aspects of the economy. Most politicians seem to focus on job-creation as their number one idea in political speeches, so that is the aspect of the economy I’d like to focus on in this blog post. Continue Reading →

Why are we celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY?

Photo by Epic Fireworks

As we celebrate our 240th Independence Day, I have to ask, “Are we any more independent than American colonists who fought and died to secure our independence from King George III?” There is no question that we have made some positive progress over the past 240-years in many ways. Although, I would argue that our independence seems to be no more secure in 2016 than it was prior to 1976. However, the way our independence has been usurped is arguably different. Continue Reading →