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ReEngineering Education; Trial & ErrorIn today’s polarized political landscape, and bureaucratic government, it’s hard to envision a situation where, as Americans, we can regain control of our political process.  Jeff Schuster has written several books that portray a vision we can all understand.  Whether Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian; you will gain understanding of our political problems and be able to engage in meaningful discussion about our country’s future.

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Trial & Error: Tales of Well Meaning Political Decisions Gone Wrong

Trial & ErrorTrial & Error is a collection of short stories that illustrate how it takes more than well-meaning intentions to successfully run a government. These issues that we tend to politicize are more complex than most voters and politicians realize. Arthur Wallaby has been given the monumental task of governing a town of 100,000 people called Trial Town. The good mayor will employ various political solutions to common government problems that we face in the United States.

Like many politicians, Mayor Wallaby tries to do the right thing and his great intentions end up making the issues worse. Jeff Schuster has done a masterful job of breaking down complex political issues into a lighthearted stories engaging the reader with many characters who we can identify with in our day-to-day lives. At the end of each story, Jeff illustrates how Trial Town’s story is much like political decisions facing the United States of America. If you ever wanted to learn more about the cause and effect of minimum wage, gun control, public unions, party politics, immigration reform and other hot political topics but don’t want to plow through a boring political novel, this book is for you. [Excerpt]

ReEngineering Education: A Tale of Repairing American Schools

Book cover for ReEngineering Politics by Jeff Schuster

Just Released (8-8-2015)! Re-Engineering Education is a fictional story that illustrates the obstacles and victories that can be had in reformation of the American education system. Jeff Schuster weaves together a story that is engaging and highlights many of the problems with the American education system. He uses a colorful set of characters at the highest levels of the U.S. government who, despite their conniving ways, set in motion legislation that revolutionizes the way education happens in America. Instead of just echoing obvious problems, Schuster paints a clear vision on how things can change for the better. [Excerpt]

Unfree Market

(Expected Publish Date 12/15/2016) With all of the talk about entitlement programs, socialism, capitalism and a mix of various economic systems, wouldn’t you like to know which economic system will work the best for a country and its citizens? Unfree Market will explain how both political parties have corrupted our free-market economy over the many years of our country’s existence and how that is hurting your financial well-being.  The book will not simply expose the problems with our economy with specific examples, it will outline a clear path to returning our government economics to prosperity once more.

 ReEngineering Politics

Book cover for ReEngineering Politics by Jeff Schuster

(Expected Publish Date: 7/15/2017) Do you feel like your vote may be a complete waste of effort? Think about it. You vote for a politician that you barely agree with; and the views you thought he or she shared with you get completely forgotten after the election. On top of that, whenever your politician actually gets his or her resolution passed, it takes forever to get through an arduous political process and either gets watered down or cancelled.  Our current political system is guaranteed to please no one. It is also guaranteed to confuse and not enlighten voters on the issues. The U.S. political system may have made sense in 1776, but it is way overdue for a major overhaul. ReEngineering Politics will expose many of the flaws in our current political system and educate readers on a system that will work much better in the 21st century.




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