Unfree Market

Unfree Market
Series: ReEngineering Politics, Book 2
Genres: Economy, Politics
Length: 160
Publication Year: 2016
With all of the talk about entitlement programs, socialism, capitalism and a mix of various economic systems, wouldn't you like to know which economic system will work the best for a country and its citizens? My third published book with answer these questions and more. Free-market economics has brought the United States to a position of greatness and is now threatened by massive government spending and debt. Although spending and debt are just the tip of the iceberg.



Does it concern you that the U.S. debt is out of control?  Do you feel like our government is spending money on the wrong priorities?  Do you think we ought to bail out large banks and large manufacturers when they make poor business decisions?  What happened to cause the Great Depression and the Great Recession?  Are we in any better position to avoid such catastrophes in the future?  Do free-trade agreements help or hurt our economy?  Is the Federal Reserve helping us avoid recessions; or is it helping large banks create recessions?

UnFree Market is a simply-worded book that enlightens the reader on basic economic principles, explains the role of our government and the private sector.   Once you have finished reading this book, you will understand exactly how our economy can operate at its peak efficiency and provide job security, retirement security and even health care for all without causing the catastrophe that awaits our country if we don’t turn this critical corner. You will understand exactly how current policies in our government are robbing you of your freedom and income.  You will also learn exactly what our government can do to correct the problems it has created.



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