ReEngineering Politics

ReEngineering Politics
Series: ReEngineering Politics
Genres: Government, Politics
Length: 180
Publication Year: 2016
Do you feel like your vote may be a complete waste of effort? Think about it. You vote for a politician that you barely agree with; and the views you thought he or she shared with you get completely forgotten after the election. Our current political system is guaranteed to please no one. In addition, it is guaranteed to confuse and not enlighten voters on the issues. The U.S. political system may have made sense in 1776, but it is way overdue for a major overhaul. ReEngineering Politics will expose many of the flaws in our current political system and educate readers on a system that will work much better in the 21st century.


If you feel like politicians are completely out of control… specifically your control; you are not alone.  There are one of three kinds of people in our electorate; those who have committed their soul to a specific political party; those who vote reluctantly knowing that they are simply picking the least of two evils; and those who have given up altogether believing their vote doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  While our political system may have been the best around in 1776,it has been broken for quite some time.  I am writing a book that outlines the history of our political system and why it is no longer working in our present day.  I will then propose a system that will do much better than our current representative government which is representing almost no one.  It’s time that we put our democratic political system back in the hands of the people.



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