Jeff Schuster-LeavesMy name is Jeff Schuster.  I developed this website to engage visitors in political dialogue.  I’ve spent the majority of my career auditing commercial buildings, understanding problems, developing a list of solutions and then implementing those solutions.  I’ve often wondered, “Why can’t we approach political problems in the same way?”.

When it comes to politics, there are basically three types of people: 1) Those who engage in positive change; 2) Those who commit ideologically to the left or right; and 3) Those who have disengaged and only complain.  I appreciate all political viewpoints.  However, as a country, we have become ideologically polarized and fail to see the logic in our opponents viewpoints.
I tend to analyze political problems from a logical perspective and attempt to arrive at straight-forward solutions that seem to evade most politicians. I have undertaken two forms of writing on my website.

Website Blog Posts

I engage in analytic observation in my blog posts on key political topics.  I encourage you to read these posts and make comments if you agree or disagree with my ideas.  I am perfectly willing to reassess my ideas when given compelling and truthful arguments.

Published Books

I also write political fiction books that illustrate errors in traditional political thinking; while creating a vision of how our country can function better.  I have purposely shied away from the partisan, dry, non-fiction writing approach in my books which is common among political pundits today.  My books are based on historic fact and a rationally calculated fictional future.

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  1. Jeff,
    I am very impressed. What a gift you have to communicate important and relevant principles. Just wanted to say I enjoyed a late night browsing of your website. Keep the writing grind and being a voice of impact.
    God Speed!

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